FL200N is the latest product of ARM series developed by our company. There are common functional interfaces on the fuselage, including USB, audio input and output, VGA output, HDMI output, RJ45 network interface, etc. The operating system with ARM series processor and built-in ARM architecture provides terminal parameter configuration function for users, which can be connected through RDP protocol. Connect the remote desktop of the commonly used Windows system, including win7-win10 and so on.

Applicable fields are also very wide, such as college multimedia classrooms, Hotel rooms, call center seats, etc. ~ to minimize the high cost of traditional PC purchase! It also reduces the maintenance cost of traditional PC. Through the host management software, to achieve a key management effect!

Dual core A20 1.0GHz

Dual core mail400-mp2

 256MB DDR3


Linux (built-in RDP)


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