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Join the big family of Shenzhen Computer Industry Association

In 2016, the open source cloud alliance held a desktop cloud conference at our company's Shenzhen headquarters. Our company participated in the drafting and preparation of the "China desktop cloud standardization white paper.

Companies adhering to the "cloud + end" strategy, adhere to independent innovation, science and technology to keep pace with the times, create quality fast "concept, launched a desktop cloud desktop cloud Enterprise Edition, professional edition, mini computer desktop virtualization protocol, server virtualization and other products. Relying on Fanlian cloud terminal service platform, and combined with the demand of various industries, tailored "education cloud" and "Hotel" cloud "government cloud" and "enterprise cloud" medical cloud family cloud and complete cloud computing solutions.

Under the leadership of the company, the open source cloud alliance visited the SMT workshop

Write and compile "China desktop cloud standardization white paper.

"Down - to - earth, happy & hard work" is the Shenzhen Share enterprise culture that has always adhered to. "High quality, high stability and lower cost" is the constant pursuit of Shenzhen Share . In 2015, Shenzhen Share Technology Co.,Ltd  cloud terminal annual sales of more than 500 thousand units. Have ARM cloud terminals and low-power X86 thin client two major series. In order to segment the industry demand, we have customized solutions for education cloud, hotel cloud, government cloud, enterprise cloud, medical cloud, home cloud, FL series products have been in the leading position in the industry, And applied for a number of patents.

Deputy Secretary General Zhu Qing to President Wang Gengsheng Award

Zhu Qing, deputy secretary general pointed out that after joining pan technology, the Secretariat will do practical things for members and enterprises, and share the quality resources of the association. As I watched SMT processing you, there is a feeling that if the association of SMT automation equipment suppliers - Shenzhen City Chuangda company to help you diagnose it, add a bit of access equipment, can help you improve the efficiency and quality of work. Mr. Wang Gengsheng expressed his heartfelt thanks for this.

Group photo taken

To participate in the investigation are: the association of experts, deputy general manager of the Great Wall principal Lin Jun; product manager of the Great Wall company to pay the principal Di; Association Deputy Secretary General Zhu Qing, assistant secretary general Ding Yuebin, vice president of Li Lei consulting.

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