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Cloud desktop ten major traps, virtual desktop related personnel must read guide

First statement: my article is not to degrade VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, or domestic open source vendors, purely from the standpoint of the Chinese characteristic cloud desktop, to discuss the cloud desktop from the perspective of thinking mode, not from the technical point of view!

I found that technicians in the industry have taken a lot of bends, and the users have a lot of misunderstandings about the cloud desktop. Most of the people who know half of them join in the cloud, and the more people are exaggerating to use the Internet to achieve economic purposes.

In this article, I will discuss the mode of thinking with you only. Some parts of the technical principles will be discussed in other articles in the future.

1, do not be brainwashed by VMware and Citrix.

The domestic cloud desktop is evolved from the desktop virtualization of VMware and Citrix, but it is necessary to understand that the Chinese environment is completely different from Europe and the United States, and do not use the concept of virtual desktop to move to the cloud desktop.

You know that using VMware and Citrix's logical thinking to plan and deploy the domestic cloud desktop project is the first step towards the abyss of project failure.

There are two important factors that make the difference between China and the West on the understanding of the cloud desktop: one, a single Western application, such as browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. All kinds of plug-ins follow the development standards. There are too many browsers in China, and plug-ins are also flourishing, rarely following the standard development. So you will find that once the cloud desktop clients are put into use, they will encounter many strange problems. Two, western customers deploy virtual desktops to solve the data security problem, which is clearly reflected in the virtual desktop industry questionnaire published in the latest year by the United States authority (I am translating and sharing it to everyone after the end). But most of the domestic deployment of cloud desktop for the purpose of cost saving.

It can be said: following the principles of V and C, deploying projects can improve data security, but the price must be high.

2, the desktop is not important, the important thing is the data.

When planning servers, most customers have to puzzle whether to deploy shared storage or virtual storage. If used, it will be over budgeted. If not, worry about future problems.

The reason why these customers are entangled is that they do not understand: the important thing is data, the desktop is never important.

If you look at the computers you work at, do you think most of the hard disk space is occupied by the software installed by the system and later? How much data do you really need to backup? Do you want to format the desktop system every time you install the system again? Is the desktop important? It doesn't matter at all! What matters is data and whether a new desktop can be provided to users as soon as possible when the desktop is out of order.

Notice what I'm talking about is giving a new desktop, rather than giving a table that is exactly the same as before. You know that the probability of Windows system itself is much larger than that of virtualization software or server hardware. When Windows has problems, even if you have shared storage, you can only solve the problem by delivering a new desktop.

When you realize that the important thing is data rather than the desktop, you can quickly decide on the storage, without considering anything else, and directly decide to buy NAS storage. Because NAS storage is cheap, it will not affect your budget at all.

Note: clients of video editing or program development classes have basically deployed storage servers.

3, the impact of network quality is not only bandwidth, but also delay and packet loss.

Most users think that I am already a Gigabit switch and six kinds of lines, and the network will not have any problems. But the quality of the wiring engineering and the throughput of the network switch often affect the network delay and packet loss. Delay and packet loss actually affect users' experience of cloud desktop usage more than bandwidth. This is even more prominent when the external network accesses the cloud desktop.

Moreover, in so many projects I have gone through, there is no one project that has never encountered network problems. Each has more or less problems on the Internet.

4. Is there any graphics card in the virtual machine? The experience is quite different.

This refers to the graphics card through and vGPU, there is no virtual machine of these two graphics cards, the user experience can only be used. Do not expect to meet the needs of users. You should give users good precautions in the early days, and don't talk big to customers.

You know that from Office2013, you have already asked to use the GPU on the graphics card to improve your experience. Win10 is also the ability to invoke GPU by opening the resource manager. So, if you have high expectations on cloudy desktop, please be sure to charge the graphics card with the plan.

5, the technical level of the network management personnel determines whether the project can be delivered smoothly.

Don't be naive in thinking that the engineers of the factory can build their own environment and users can use them smoothly. The first day of cloud desktop is the beginning of administrator nightmare. Before the video card problem, if the user is using a virtual machine without a graphics card, he will have a conflict from his heart. This is that even if the manufacturer's engineers are at the scene, they are unable to communicate with users at the same level. At this point, if the IT of the client company can not stand up to undertake communication and coordination work, the engineer of the manufacturer can not resist all kinds of queries from users.

But if a problem is put forward, the customer's network management can not touch the firm's mind. If he says, "I don't know," "I want to ask the manufacturer!" That's the project.

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